Who are we?

We are state of Florida licensed private investigation agency specializing in digital forensic analysis, and fact finding and information gathering from digital documents, electronically stored information, mobile devices and public domain.

In god we trust, everyone else must bring data

Our expertise in intellectual property investigations, trade secret protection, and financial crimes allows us to gather crucial evidence, uncover hidden assets, and provide valuable insights that strengthen legal cases. We specialize in digital forensic analysis, allowing us to extract and analyze electronic evidence, including data from computers, mobile devices, and online platforms. With our meticulous approach to fact gathering and ESI analysis, we help attorneys build solid cases, uncover critical information, and ultimately increase their chances of success in litigation. By relying on our services, attorneys can focus on legal strategy, knowing they have a trusted partner dedicated to uncovering vital information and providing the necessary data to support their clients’ interests.

Practice Areas

Our team of experienced and highly trained investigators are instrumental in getting results when it comes in the areas we practice the most.

Intellectual Property & Trade Secrets

Ensuring that your trade secrets stay yours and investigating all matters related to misappropriation of intellectual property.

Digital Forensics & ESI Gathering

We have tools and skills to gather and interpret digital forensic information as well as navigate terabytes of ESI data production to find the facts that are most relevant to your case.

Assets and Financial Crimes

Complex financial tools and schemes of current times involve verification, analysis, and forensic reconstruction of asset history and money movements. We uncover the facts in all such matters.

Crypto Assets & Blockchain

Ability to uncover, trace, and analyze transactions related to crypto currency, blockchain smart contracts, NFT, and other token products.